Mini Scaredy left high and dry


Poor Mini Scaredy. She suffered a terrible tragedy this morning. . .

Last night while I was sleeping, the raccoons snuck into my campsite and made off with my backpack. Stole it right out from under me, like the thievin’ bastards that they are. Then they unzipped the compartments with their nifty little raccoon hands, took out my brand new bag of dry cat food, ripped it open and devoured the entire bag. Bastards!!

The dry cat food is Mini Scaredy’s favorite food. In fact it’s the only thing she’ll eat these days. So this morning she wakes me up and is waiting for her breakfast like usual. Only to be bitterly disappointed. No dry cat food!! I tried to explain the situation to her. But as smart as she is, she’s never been able to master fundamental basic English. She meowed and meowed. She was inconsolable. To hear her crying you’d think she was starving to death. Cats! I tried to interest her in some delicious canned cat food — in several savory flavors. Or a delicious piece of monteray jack cheese. To no avail.

Here she is staring at the shredded bag of dry cat food in utter disbelief. What a terrible, terrible world this can sometimes be!!

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