Life is full of these weird little “coincidences” that make you wonder

Sometimes the timing is just set up against you. Almost as if it was exactly synchronized to go that way. I’ll give you an example.

I just purchased my dollar large coffee to-go at McDonalds. Took it outside and drank it hanging out on the sidewalk, since everything is to-go these days. Then headed back to McDonald’s to get my free refill. I realized the cashier had forgotten to give me a receipt — you need to show one as proof of purchase before they give you a refill. But I figured the cashier would recognize me.

As luck (or sychronicity) would have it, just as I was headed towards the front door of McDonald’s I noticed this other person who was one step ahead me, also heading into McDonald’s with a to-go coffee cup in his hand. And I could instantly see the whole picture of how it was going to unfold in my mind. He looks like a street person. And doesn’t even have a lid for his cup. So I figured he likely pulled it out of a garbage can so he could try and scam a free cup of coffee.

Sure enough the cashier asks for his receipt. He says: “They didn’t give me no receipt.”

“Sorry you can’t get a refill without a receipt.”

“They didn’t give me no damn receipt. Whatchoo trying to pull on me??”

The cashier gestures to the stack of coffee cups behind the counter. “Your cup is a different color than the ones we’re using today.”

The idiot is caught red-handed — doesn’t even have the right kind of cup — and yet he still persists. “Gimme my damn refill.”

“You’re going to have to leave “

But he refused to leave. Sullenly standing off to the side of the counter as he plots his next genius move. So I jump in there holding up my cup and saying “They didn’t give me a receipt either.”

“See,” says the guy. “I didn’t get no receipt either.”

“Sir, you’re going to have to leave.”

Now it’s a complicated situation. If the cashier gives me a refill without a receipt, the other idiot will probably go ballistic in a fit of righteous indignation

So I just get my ass out of there. Without my free refill. Which I richly deserved. And had walked 15 blocks out of my way just to get it

And the moral? Life sucks.

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