Ace Backwords explained

I consider myself a really really smart person.

I also consider myself a really really stupid person.

And I’m well familiar with both facets of my personality.

The problem is: I often can’t differentiate which is the smart side and which is the stupid side of my personality.

4 thoughts on “Ace Backwords explained

  1. Hey Ace – I used your “corner” piece for a prompt this week. Worked out great. We were on zoom so even showed them the photo you had on your post

  2. Smart enough to know you’re stupid – stupid enough to know you’re smart. I used to think I was genius level smart, just needed some fine-tuning & I would have fame & fortune.

    With the wisdom of age I know I’m dumber than a box of rocks, when I was young I had a lot of obscure facts at easy recall, now that I’m middle age, I don’t even have that.

    My lil’ sis who has probably read one book for every fifty I read was tested when she was young at a genius level IQ (as did my Dad when he was young). God bless the genius IQs.

    My Dad is now long gone & my lil’ sis made an absolute shambles of her life, I’m still hanging on working a decently paying but stupid job, never been laid off through this whole pandemic-mess, just dumb enough to show up for work every day. After awhile it’s more work for them to fire your lazy ass. Said ass ain’t on the streets where it could’ve easily ended up, because I’m not as smart as I thought I was & I’m infinitely lazy.

    I’ve had some good luck though.

    I’m one lucky ass bastard.

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