The game of Monopoly

When I lived with my sister in Arizona for a couple months in 2009 her 8-year-old son (my nephew) was always asking me to play Monopoly with him. Every night. He loved playing with me. I found the game a little boring. But it was fun to hang out with my nephew. So I’d go along with it. And I always let him win. Let him get Park Place and Broadway and crush me. Because he got so much pleasure out of winning. And I figured it was good to build his confidence.

But then one night, for the hell of it, I played to win. I got Park Place and Broadway. And I crushed him. And he started crying and crying. He was really upset. So I always let him win after that.

Then one day he asked me to play computer games with him. I had never played computer games before. But I figured why not? Sounded like fun. It was this race car game. And he absolutely crushed me. He was a computer game master. And he would force my car off the road and lap me by like a hundred miles. He had no mercy. He humiliated me. He was laughing about how pathetic I was at computer games. It was embarrassing.

If we ever play Monopoly again the gloves are off. I’ll crush him.

One thought on “The game of Monopoly

  1. Ace because of Jail the last 2 monoplies are less cost efficient
    the best 4 are the ones between jail and go to jail

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