“Hmmm. That beer belly looks like a nice, soft place to take a nap.”

2 thoughts on ““Hmmm. That beer belly looks like a nice, soft place to take a nap.”

  1. Dear Ace,

    My name is Ken Paul Rosenthal. I’m an Oakland-based filmmaker who is making a documentary about Julia Vinograd. I was referred to you by Mark Weisman and Jim Robison, and would love to speak with you about your recollections of Julia and her relationship to Telegraph Avenue, People’s Park, and any memories and materials you might wish to share, including Bruce Duncan.

    You can find synopsis about the film and more information about my work here:


    Thank you kindly, Ken

    1. I’m honored by your request, but I’m a total recluse these days. Feel free to use any of the photos of Julia that appeared in the Telegraph Avenue Street Calendar. I made sure that a photo of Julia, Duncan and Hate Man appeared in all 15 issues since they were such Telegraph icons. Best of luck with your doc.

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