Muh muh muh muh


I’m starting to worry that I might crack up. I’m under so much pressure these days coming at me from so many different directions. I have to be careful I don’t snap.

So I’m at Walgreens buying some stuff. I give the clerk the money and she’s ringing up my bill, when she says to me:

“Muh muh muh muh.”

“What?” I said.

“Muh muh muh muh,” she repeats.

“WHAT??” I said.

She’s wearing a mask over her face, which muffles her voice. And there’s a plastic partition in front of her that further muffles her voice. On top of that, she’s speaking very softly. So it’s like an episode of “Get Smart” when they’re trying to talk in the Cone of Silence.

“Muh muh muh muh,” she repeats again.

Finally, after much back and forth I’m able to understand what she’s saying: “Push the green button on the screen.”

I look at the screen, and there’s no green button.


“Push the green button on the screen,” she repeats.

“There IS no green button on the screen!!” I said.

She turns the screen around. Looks at it. And realizes, there’s no green button on the screen. So she switches the screen to another page and says to me (you guessed):

“Muh muh muh muh.”


“Muh muh muh muh.”

Now I’m starting to get pissed. It’s bad enough that I can’t hear what she’s saying. When I CAN hear what she’s saying she gives me the wrong instructions.

“LISTEN I CAN’T UNDERSTAND A WORD YOUR SAYING!!” I said. With more of an exasperated edge to my voice than I had intended. “WOULD YOU JUST RING UP MY BILL SO I CAN GET OUT OF HERE???”

She goes back to ringing up my bill. Hands me my change and my receipt.

“I apologize for being a little rude,” I said.

“Have a nice day,” she says blankly.

I turn and walk out the front door. I’m half-way down the street when I realize I had left my cup of coffee on the counter. So I had to go back in the store and face the clerk again. Which was embarrassing after kind of making a fool of myself.

I know it’s just a little thing. But so many of my interactions these days are like that. Things are off. Out of sync. And it’s the cummulative effect that’s getting to me. On top of some more serious problems that I’m dealing with.

Sometimes life is just like that. Where you’re overwhelmed with problems. And you have no answers. You just keep slogging forward. And hope at some point that the gods will ease up on you.

2 thoughts on “Muh muh muh muh

  1. Ace
    read this latest Q post
    Q 4545
    Humanity is good, but, when we let our guard down we allow darkness to infiltrate and destroy.
    Like past battles fought, we now face our greatest battle at present, a battle to save our Republic, our way of life, and what we decide (each of us) now will decide our…
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    see you around

  2. Yes. The issue with the masks and understanding what people are saying is irritating. On top of the 1000000 others irritants that have been accumulating in peoples lives – I get how you’re close to snapping. I’ve not far behind you.

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