8. Timothy Leary

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When Leary was busted by G. Gordon Liddy in 1966, he had said, defiantly: “The time will come when there will be a statue of me erected in Millbrook.”

To which Liddy replied, “I’m afraid the closest you’ll come is a burning effigy in the village square.”

And those would be the prevailing two views of Timothy Leary.

5 thoughts on “8. Timothy Leary

  1. I first met Timothy Leary hundred and 91 years ago. I don’t know over a well though. I don’t know him very well though. I fell down a well but it wasn’t very deep !some people say Timothy Leary is not keep either.

    1. I don’t know if this is true or I just hallucinated it. But I heard from reliable sources that Carol Denny once gave Kevin Freeman 5 bucks to score some bitchin’ Owsley blotter acid.

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