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Ace Backwords: An Appreciation ….. by the High Priestess, Cult of Backwordness


Twisted Image: Homeless …..Comix

Twisted Image: Neighborhood …..Comix

Twisted Image: Politics …..Comix

Twisted Image: Drugs …..Comix

Twisted Image: Acid …..Comix

Video Bonus! Uncle Juan reads from Acid Heroes on YouTube!

7 thoughts on “Ace in Cyberspace

  1. Ace: does p.o. box 12642 Berkeley 94712 still function? Alexander Street Press, the digital comics libreary, sent a check to that address that was not cashed and they are getting ready to cancel it.

    1. Yeah, I wasn’t able to cash those checks. For a variety of reasons. My life is pretty chaotic these days. But yeah, that’s still my mailing address in case anybody needs to get ahold of me.

  2. Life could be worse. No bodies lying unburied in the streets so far. Cold a lot I am lonely, lonely, lonely. I do make friends but I am afraid of people. I want closeness, love, excitement, stimulation, ecstasy,. I miss apemen…(Hateman) and I miss H backwards and Duncan. And soup a little but I see him differently now. Ace wrote his obituary and now I see soup differently. I could endure him better now.

  3. Hey, Ace
    Thanks for your story for Todd’s bio, “No Barriers.” It was a really nice tribute and you were one of his favorite people.
    Best of everything,
    Herb Shapiro

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