Big babies

Mini Scaredy is slightly freaking out this morning. There are strong winds whipping the trees back and forth and making weird sounds all across the woods. Feral cats are programmed to react to any unusual sound or movement as a potentially life-threatening attack. So her metabolism is constantly signaling, “DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!” Her head keeps whipping back and forth in the direction of every new sound, her mind trying to figure out what it is. . . I try to reassure her, “There there, it’s just wind.” Like a mother trying to console her baby about monsters lurking in the dark. Cats.

Big Scaredy and little Scaredy

The mother Scaredy Cat and her little kitten Mini Scaredy. Around year 2016.

In a way I regret that I named them “Scaredy” cats. Because they WEREN’T scared little creatures (they just looked that way when they were little kittens, which is when I named them). In fact they were both proud, fearless, jaunty, masters-of-reality type of creatures.

There was a Scaredy lineage over the years. Starting with:

Scaredy Cat

Then Mini Scaredy.

And then Micro Scaredy.

And finally Nano Scaredy.