More Backwords Books

Surviving on the Streets
Surviving on the Streets

Surviving on the Streets is out of print, some copies still available from eBay or Amazon

Twisted Image
Twisted Image

Twisted Image is out of print, so if you find a copy, invest in it.

You think I’m kidding. I’m not.

Mike Hoy
Mike Hoy

Mike Hoy, the legendary iconoclast who founded Loompanics Unlimited, publisher of the first two Ace Backwords books. (The one in his left hand is not a Backwords book, the right-hand one, Surviving on the Streets, is.)


7 thoughts on “More Backwords Books

  1. I wonder how Mike is doing. I haven’t heard anything from him, or about him, since he packed up Loompanic’s tent back in 2006. I guess after all those years of being on the front-lines he could use a break. If anybody goes down as “cutting edge” and “original” in the world of publishing, its gotta’ be Mike Hoy.

  2. Props to Mike Hoy, a great man.
    I donated my copy of Twisted Image to the Downtown Oakland Public Library, when my stuff outgrew my space. Hope they still have it and didn’t give it away.

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