My harrowing encounter with the Moonies cult

Welcome to Moonieville.

We were talking about Jim Jones and the People’s Temple, and Rajneesh, and the Brotherhood of the Sun, and the other religious cults from back in the days. And I was reminded of an experience I once had with the Moonies — the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s cult — back when I was a young lad

Back in the 1970s the Moonies used to send these hot young Moonie chicks out on the streets of San Francisco trolling for converts. They’d flirt like hell with you to get you to come to dinner at their big Victornian house in SF. Then, after a very nice dinner, they’d do a big sales pitch — while the chick is sitting next to you stroking your thigh and looking at you with goo-goo eyes — to get you to go with them to their farm in Boonville and join the Moonies cult. And after the big pitch they had these big school buses all revved up and waiting to take the whole crew up to the farm in Moonieville. “Won’t you PLEASE come??” implores the chick as she gives your body one last impassioned rub.

Then when they get you up there they take all your money and your possessions (it’s now the collective property of the Moonie commune) and you’re virtually trapped up there in the middle of nowhere.

Oh and the chick that was flirting with you informs you that they’re forbidden to have sex until they’re personally married by Rev. Moon in this big mass wedding ceremony.

I almost fell for it once myself. I was 19 and as dumb as they come. And the Moonie chick was VERY attractive.