George P. Bush wins state-wide race

George P. Bush is shown. | AP Photo

 NO NO NO NO NO!!  I’ve been praying to God for NO MORE GEORGE BUSHES!!!   . . . Is that really too much to ask from a benevolent diety?

Is there some farm in Texas where they’re breeding George Bushes?   And now we have  the New Improved model,  George Bush III.  And specially bred as half-hispanic to appeal to the “Latino vote.”

I think they’re purposely breeding these George Bushes to increase their demographic appeal with the voters.  You just watch.  There’s gonna be a half-black George B. Bush.  Then a half-asian George A. Bush.  Then a half-lesbian Georgina L. Bush.  Etc.. . . They’ll start mass-breeding these George Bush creatures like rats.  Its like some hideous horror movie.  “Night of the Living George Bushes.”

Just keep telling yourself…. Its only a movie. . . It’s only a movie . . .

Photo: Just keep telling yourself.... Its only a movie. . .