One less mural in Berkeley



For at least 40 years there used to be a big mural on this wall. I walked by it a zillion times in the decades I’ve been in Berkeley whenever I’d cut through the parking lot on my way to the campus. But now they’re tearing the lot apart to build a building. So the mural is history. One more piece of Berkeleycana that is going going gone

I remember the first time I saw that mural back in the summer of 74 when I first came to Berkeley as a 17 year old boy. The mural seemed to symbolize the whole vibe of Berkeley back then. This cosmic psychedelic thing. Which was a rare thing back then. And one of the things that made Berkeley such an unique and distinctive town. “The Land of the Hippies.”

It was brightly colored when I first saw it. But over the years the colors faded. Just like me. And now it’s about to be destroyed.

I know I have this weird obsession with clinging to the past. Which is futile. Because impermanence is the way of this world. And everything keeps changing and always will keep changing.

I guess I’d find it easier to accept all the changes if most of the changes weren’t for the worst.