Cinnamon Girl


I always liked the song “Cinnamon Girl” by Neil Young.

I remember this one night. I was working at my vending table at the corner of Haste and Telegraph. And it was around midnight (I was working late that night). And I was drunk and stoned out of my mind (I used to smoke a lot of goddamn pot back then).

And I had this big ghetto blaster on my vending table. And I played that goddamn song “Cinnamon Girl” 20 times in a row. And LOUD.

What can I say? I was stoned as fuck. And every time I played “Cinnamon Girl” it sounded better than the previous time. So I kept playing it. And playing it.

So I was just about to spin “Cinnamon Girl” for the 21rst time — in a state of mindless stoned-out ecstasy.

When this guy came up to me and said:


And I suddenly realized at that moment that I was drunk and stoned and acting like an ass in public (eventually I do come to that realization)..

So I played “Cinnamon Girl” for the 21rst time. And then I switched over and played some Rolling Stones songs.  And everything was cool after that.



High times on University Avenue


I lived in this apartment building on University Avenue in Berkeley for 13 years. 1982 to 1995. I had a studio apartment on the 2nd floor. That’s my kitchen window in the upper right corner.

I used to smoke a lot of pot back then. But I always got a little paranoid when I smoked pot in my apartment. Because the manager and his wife lived right next door to me. And I was paranoid that if they smelled my pot, they might report me to the owner of the building, who was extremely conservative, and I’d get evicted from my apartment.

Stan and Rose Mary was the name of the manager and his wife. They were a little, old gray-haired couple. He was about 70 and she was about 60. And pretty straight-laced. And back in those ancient days there were a LOT of strait-laced people who looked down on pot. It was definitely illegal back then, that’s for sure. And a LOT of people thought pot was just as bad as heroin or any other drugs.

So whenever I smoked pot in my apartment I’d always open up all the windows. And I’d blow the pot smoke out the window. Fan the smoke a little. And I never smoked by my front door, lest the pot smell leaked out to the hallway and into the manager’s front door.

For most of the years I lived there I was a pretty good tenant (aside from being a pot-smoking drug degenerate). But then in 1994 I got 4 months behind on my rent (I cleverly was sinking every penny I got my hands on, into recording and manufacturing a CD that I was convinced was going to be a big, big hit, but ended up barely breaking even).

So now I was DOUBLEY paranoid about Stan the manager. And I would dart in and out of my apartment hoping he didn’t catch me.

But then one day he caught me just as I was walking into my apartment.

“Uh, Ace, could I talk to you for a second about your rent?” said Stan.

Oh fuck! Busted!

“Yeah, I know,” I said. “I’m four months behind on my rent. I guess if I can’t come up with some money pretty soon I’m gonna have to move out.”

“Ace, this is what i think you should do,” said Stan.

Uh oh.

“Grow pot.”

“Say what??” I said.

“That’s right. You should grow pot,” he said.

“Say what??”

Now out of ALL the things I expected Stan the manager was going to say to me at that exact moment. That was probably just about the LAST thing I expected he’d say.

“Yeah, there’s a LOT of money in pot,” he said. “I’ve been growing it myself for years. And I even set up 8 other people around town with the grow-room equipment so they can grow it in their closets. And I supply them with primo seeds and plants to get them started. Then we pool the profits.”

“You’re kidding??” I said.

“Heck no I’m not kidding. Wait right here.”

Stan dashed into his apartment. And then came back with this big plastic container of green butter.

“We turn the buds into pot butter. This is pure THC. Then we turn it into edibles.”

Stan’s wife Rose Mary popped up behind him with a big smile on her face. “Here, Ace, try a couple of these,” she said, handing me two big oat meal cookies. “They’re from our latest batch.”

“Geez!” I said.

“But you might want to only eat half of that cookie,” she said, proudly. “They’re pretty strong.”

I guess I should have known. Stan often did walk around the building with a big, glassy-eyed smile on his face.

“I can set you up with all the grow-room equipment you need,” said Stan

It turned out Stan even subscribed to HIGH TIMES magazine and had seen my comics in there. Which is why he thought I’d be a good person for the job.

But it was the weirdest thing. It was like being strapped down into an electric chair to be executed. But then right before they pull the switch you get a call from the Governor, who not only gives you a pardon, but tells you you just won the Lottery.

But that’s the weird thing about living in those old apartment buildings. You just NEVER know what the people next-door are really doing behind closed doors.


Honky Tonk Woman




Crumb tells a hilarious “Honky Tonk Woman” story. It’s the summer of ’69. And Crumb — the great hippie countercultural hero — has fled the debacle that the Haight Ashbury has turned into at that point. And he’s living at some half-assed hippie commune in rural California. Trying to “get back to Nature.” That bit.

The release of a new Rolling Stones single was considered a major event at that point. 1969. These ’60s rock stars were considered great visionaries at that point. They were the leaders of the cultural revolution. And every new Beatles or Stones single was a matter of great import.

These hippies had just scored a copy of the just released “Honky Tonk Woman” single. So they brought it to the hippie commune where Crumb was living. And everyone in the commune gathered around. And they played it over and over — at least 20 times in a row. Much to Crumb’s chagrin. Earnestly discussing the profound meanings of the song, trying to decipher the exact meanings of this cutting-edge communique from the great cultural visionaries that were the Rolling Stones.

So Crumb has to sit there and listen to these stupid, naive, 20 year old hippies — at this half-assed hippie commune that he was living at in 1969 — that would collapse shortly after. Going on and on about this incredibly important new Rolling Stones single. “Honky Tonk Woman ”

But Crumb would get the last laugh. Mick Jagger would later ask Crumb to draw a cover for the next Rolling Stones album.
Something really hip. Like what he drew for the Janis Joplin album cover.

Crumb turned the Stones down flat. Crumb HATED the Rolling Stones.

After being forced to listen to “Honky Tonk Woman” 20 times in a row in a half-assed hippie commune in 1969? Can you blame him??17203146_1841502202533981_5003140595067119367_n.jpg