My very brief career as a porn model


This was one of my first “successes” as a writer. 1980. I had been submitting my cartoons to the BERKELEY BARB, the legendary underground newspaper. And when they also started publishing a porn tabloid — the SPECTATOR — I started submitting stuff to them, too.

The SPECTATOR ran a sex fantasy writing contest, with a $100 prize. And i submitted a story and won. I don’t even remember what the story was that i wrote. The only thing I remember was that the SPECTATOR had a femaleĀ managing editor at the time — which was highly unusual for a men’s porn paper. So I tried to come up with a sex story that a woman would like. And I guess I did. I do remember my piece was primarily comedy, with a good punchline, as opposed to something that was supposed to be arousing.

So then the SPECTATOR invited me to go to the studio of Dave Patrick — their staff photographer — so they could shoot a bunch of photos of me being given the 100-dollar check by this naked porn model. Which they would run as a feature in their next issue. So that was a weird experience, being on the other side of the bright lights of a porn photo. When the issue came out, they decided to just use a close-up of me holding the check. Which was a little disappointing. I wanted to see the photos of me and the porn model. And I regret I never asked Dave Patrick for some prints of the photo session. Because it was sort of a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I could savor in my decrepit old age. But it was nice to cash the check. A hundred bucks was a whole month’s rent back then.