“You know, you look JUST like. . .”

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My other canned line when someone says I look just like somebody: “I don’t know who should be more insulted, him or me.”

The other night I was sitting at this sports bar watching the Warriors get blown out in the first game of the season. When yet another person — some young man who was drunk and feeling extroverted — comes up to me and exclaims: “YOU KNOW? YOU LOOK JUST LIKE THIS GUY!!” (I forget the guy’s name — I think he’s a famous guy who has a nature TV show on PBS or something).

My canned line is: “Well I assume he must be an extremely handsome young fellow.” (ha ha)

So he whips out his cellphone and shows me a video of my doppleganger. And the weird thing is: The guy DOES look just like me. He’s got the baseball hat and the glasses and the beard).

“See? He looks just like you,” he says.

“He does look like me,” I agreed.

But I’ll feel much better when people start coming up to this guy and exclaiming: “You know, you look JUST like Ace Backwords!!”