My latest triumph

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Victory is mine!!
It’s about a 2 mile walk from downtown Berkeley to my campsite up in the hills.  All uphill.  Until I finally get to this manhole cover.  Which is the exact point where the landscape finally levels out.  So it’s always a joyous moment when I reach the manhole cover.  That feeling of:  “I’ve MADE it!!”  Top of the mountain!
I’ve walked that route thousands of times over the years.  But I never tire of that moment.  I’ll usually jump on top of the manhole cover.  Do a little jig.  Shout out my mantra.  “Om namah Shivaya!!”

If it’s late at night and I’m drunk I’ll probably have a manic grin on my face.   Giggling to myself at the whole improbable goof of being alive in this world. From this vantage point high about Berkeley you get a full view of the sky above.  And a panoramic view of the Bay below, and the glittering skyline of San Francisco off in the distance.  The Golden City.  And I’ll feel like I’m on top of the world.  Literally.

This life can be so difficult.  I guess that’s why I make a point of trying to savor life’s little triumphs.


2 thoughts on “My latest triumph

  1. I looked this route up on Google Maps (amazing things, satellites) and have to say, that’s no small feat.
    I’m glad though, that doing so keeps the lazy fuck-ups out of your hair. Plus, as a swamp yankee from Oregon, I can relate to needing some alone time in the woods!

    1. Yeah, its probably good for me. Last year I spent a year living in a house. And I’d drink all night and fall asleep after that last beer. Lay there all night with all that booze wallowing in my stomach. Gained 30 pounds! But nowadays I take a good hike after that last beer, sweat out some of the toxins before I hit the hay.

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