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February 20, 2018

A Presidential story for Presidents Day

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My first memory of a president was President Kennedy. Ironically, I heard about him for the first time on the day he got his fool head blown off.

I was 7 years old at the time. And I was sitting at my desk in my 2nd grade classroom. When this older kid came walking into the classroom. He talked to my teacher for a few moments. Then he walked over to me and said: “Your mother asked me to get you and walk you back to your house.”

So that was weird. We left the classroom. And walked together down the streets of High Bridge, New Jersey. The streets were completely empty. Because everyone was

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either in school or at work. So it was like walking through a ghost town. And I kept thinking: “Am I in trouble?” And I tried to remember if I had done anything bad lately that would cause me to get pulled out of school.

When I got home my Mom was in an ultra serious mood. “Somebody just killed the president,” my Mother said. “That’s why we took you out of school.”

“Oh,” I said.

“It could be the Russians are behind it,” said my Mother. “And they might start launching atom bombs at us.”

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“We may have to go down to the cellar and stay in the shelter,” said my Father, gravely. “And wait it out until all the radiation is gone.”

We had this crude, make-shift “fall-out shelter” in our basement. It was basically just a room with a bunch of canned foods and bottled water and flashlights.

I wasn’t sure what “radiation” was. But it sounded like some deadly form of invisible cooties.

Then we huddled around our black-and-white television set. Men were rushing back and forth apparently doing important things. It all seemed really SERIOUS but I had no idea why.

I went up to my bedroom and played with my toys. And I don’t remember anything else about that day except that i was probably happy I got out of school early.




February 16, 2018

Two Generations of Hate

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Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

This is a painting that I commissioned from the street artist Johnny Rev (also known as John Dammit and 8-Track).

I call it “Two Generations of Hate.” Because the guy on the left was this young gutter punk named Hatred.  And the guy on the right is this old street person named Hate Man.

I still got the painting stashed somewhere in my storage locker with all my other junk. Probably some day the painting will get sold off at an art auction for a lot of money.  But me and Johnny Rev probably won’t be around to collect any of the dough. That’s usually how it works in the art business. Art is a great field of endeavor.



February 12, 2018

Watch “A tour of Telegraph Avenue with Ace Backwords” on YouTube

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November 8, 2017

Miss LaPointe



I remember my freshman English teacher. Miss LaPointe. Man she was hot. She was red hot. She was a very attractive woman. Even her name was hot. Miss LaPointe. I think she was French. Talk about being “hot for teacher.”

Nobody ever cut Miss LaPointe’s class. The room was always packed. People would be fighting to get front row desks. There would be people lined up in the hallway. Standing Room Only. Hoping to get a seat in the classroom.

Miss LaPointe wasn’t TRYING to be sexy. But she was so beautiful she couldn’t HELP being sexy. She’d wear these conservative 3-piece suit kind of outfits. But with the first couple of buttons of her blouse unbuttoned. Just enough to give you just a hint of her cleavage. And every now and then she’d bend over to get something from her desk. And for a split second you’d think that one of her breasts might pop out. And there would be an audible gasp. And every male in the class — as well as several of the female lesbians in the class — would be riveted with our attention. It was a classroom learning experience for all of us.

But the thing I most remember about Miss LaPointe. She was a great English teacher. Every book she turned us onto was a classic and well worth reading. Stuff like Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” (“Tell me about the rabbits, George.”).

But the thing I most remember was this one classroom writing assignment. “OK,” said Miss LaPointe. “I want everyone in the class to be silent for the next 15 minutes. And I want you to write down whatever thoughts happen to randomly pop into your head. Whatever you happen to be thinking, just write it down ”

That seemed like a pretty novel approach. And I would spend the next 40 years of my life as an artist doing exactly that.


July 1, 2017


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Acid Heroes

I’ll sometimes hear writers talking about “writer’s block.”  I have no idea what they’re talking about.  I’ve never had that problem.  My problem is I can’t stop writing.  I couldn’t stop spewing out all this verbiage if I tried.
I started keeping a daily journal in 1993.  Twenty years later I have boxes and boxes of the things.   Hundreds and hundreds of these notebooks, every page, every line, filled with my feverish, scribbled scrawls (I’m told within 20 years “cursive writing” will have become completely archaic, so a lot of good the things’ll do me since nobody will be able to read the damn things).  I just find something really satisfying about taking the garbled chaos of my daily life and stringing into together in a linear form.  I might not know what life is, or what life is about.  But at least I can kind of…

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May 23, 2017

Twisted Image #1: “Punk Rockers for Christ”

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The front cover to Twisted Image #1. Published in July 1982. I was madly in love with this chick at the time, who was into punk rock. So I put the whole thing together in the hopes of impressing her and therefore I would get laid. I was 25 years old. And could barely think of anything but sex back then.

The headline on the cover was “PUNK ROCKERS FOR CHRIST” and “SID VICIOUS DIED FOR YOUR SINS.” It was a half-assed attempt at satire and really doesn’t make much sense and is hardly profound. I was just trying to come up with an image that would grab people’s attention.

When the issue was printed — Twisted Image #1 for those of you keeping score at home — I dropped off big stacks at all the happening punk rock clubs at the time. The Mab, the On Broadway, the Elite Club, etc.

And I remember this young punk guy with a mohawk coming up to me at the On Broadway and vigorously shaking my hand.

“I LOVED that cover!” he told me. “I’m a punk rocker for Christ myself! I love punk rock and I’m ALSO a born-again Jesus freak!!”

I decided against mentioning to him that I meant the cover as satire.

But I realized at that moment: You throw your art out to the public. And the public is gonna react to your art in their own unpredictable ways.

PS. I did end up getting laid eventually. But it took me another 10 years before I finally impressed that punk rock chick.





January 8, 2016

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