The secret origin of Hate Man’s philosophy of Oppositionality!!!

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Hate Man’s life had a weird kind of symmetry. He spent about 40 years being normal. And about 40 years being weird.

Over the years Hate Man systematically developed this whole philosophy — this whole way of life — that he dubbed “Oppositionality.”

It all started around that fabled year of 1969, when Hate Man was around 42 and he got hit by a massive mid-life crisis. Up to that point Hate Man had lived a fairly normal, conventional life, and had done all the things the way society had told him to do it. And by most measures he was a “success.” He had a prestigious job, the wife, the kids, the nice home, the whole bit. Except for one thing: he was miserable.

So he started “nutting” up, as he put it. Playing by society’s rules hadn’t worked. So he starting questioning everything society had told him. And doing the exact opposite.

Society told him he shouldn’t tell people “Fuck you I hate your guts.” So he started telling people “Fuck you I hate your guts.”
Society said men shouldn’t wear skirts and bras. So he started wearing skirts and bras.
Society said you were supposed to talk to people. So he went completely silent.
Society said you were supposed to look both ways before you crossed the street. So he started randomly running across the middle of the street.


After he got hit by a car chasing after a frisbee in the middle of the street, and ended up in the hospital for several months with his leg in a traction, Hate Man decided that maybe society had gotten that one right. So from that point on Hate Man always looked both ways.

And that’s pretty much how Hate Man developed his unique and peculiar philosophy. By trial-and-error.

So I guess you could say he developed his philosophy more experimentally than ideologically. If something worked, he kept it. And if it didn’t work he tossed it out.



2 thoughts on “The secret origin of Hate Man’s philosophy of Oppositionality!!!

  1. That actually makes sense and it’s a imaginative creative way to learn to define one’s self. It’s kind of like if everyone turns left – you decide to turn right.

    1. something your mom would say, “just because everybody’s jumping off a cliff doesn’t mean you should do that!” right? He was very intelligent and cool person. But I read somewhere that back in 69 or so he did some lsd and that kind of flipped him out a bit, and after a few months he dropped everything and dropped out. He was working for the New York Times, and before that was in the freaking Strategic Air Command branch of the air force, also in the peace corp. So he did a lot before he ever ended up in Berkeley arguing with maniac street preachers in public. Super intelligent person.

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