Social media can be a weird thing

Probably the thing that annoyed me is this notion that I’d need to watch some stupid TV show in order to come up with an opinion on the issues of the day.

Social media can be a weird thing. This morning I managed to get myself into an internet argument and/or insult-fest before I had even managed to drag my ass out of my sleeping bag. I go to my Facebook page and the first thing I see is this comment from one of my Facebook friends:

“Not surprised, another right wing talking point. Ace, read news from some other sources. Diversify!!”

Now I usually wake up in a bad mood even on a good day. And this comment did little to improve my morning. I guess it was the condescending tone of it that irked me. And this notion that I was narrow-minded and needed to be more expansive and open-minded in my thinking, like somebody like, well, like him.

He then added gasoline to the fire by spouting just about every liberal-takes-down-the-conservative cliche you could think of. Ya know? I’ve been brainwashed by the Faux News rightwing talking points from their lacking-in-diversity echo chamber. And etc.

But just for the record, in regards to my alleged need for more “diversified” reading material: In fact when you come to my Facebook page you’ll find THOUSANDS of comments from my Facebook friends, expressing incredibly diverse opinions and points of view from all across the entire political spectrum. All of which I read and consider.


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