My last photo of Hate Man

This also might well be the last photo of the 30 year phenomenon that was Hate Camp.
On this day, March 14, 2017. I must have taken a thousand photos of Hate Man over the years. This was the last photo I took of him. 18 days before his death. The UC cops had given him a 7-day stay-away from the park over some ticky-tack offense. Which is why his campsite is set up on Dwight across the street from the park. So Hate’s battle with UC continued right to his final days. He never did return to People’s Park. He moved to a nursing facility shortly after this photo. I got a frantic message from Hate to pack up his campsite and stash it in his garage before the police hauled it off to the dump. And his stuff was still on the sidewalk across the street from the park at that point.

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