Moo Cat the misanthrope


One thing I’ve never been able to figure out.  Why Moo Cat hates all the other cats.  What do they call a person who hates people?  A misanthrope?  Well, Moo Cat is a cat version of that

What’s weird is, all the other feral cats mostly get along.  Live-and-let-live.  Especially if there’s enough food to go around.  And Moo Cat’s own sister, Scamp — same basic genetic make-up and social conditioning — gets along with everybody and is the most lovable and even-tempered cat imaginable.  But Moo Cat?  Whenever another cat shows up, she immediately starts in with this non-stop guttural growl of fear and hatred.  Often she’ll literally be shaking with rage.  Weird.

I don’t know where this trait comes from.  Just her in-born nature, I guess.  But it turns her into a pariah with the other cats.  . . Oh well.   At least she gets along great with me.

*                                             *                                               *


Moo Cat and Owl, facing off.  They have an adversarial relationship.  Mostly because Owl is the alpha male of the tribe.  And Moo Cat is such a bitch (ha ha).  Periodically, Owl will have had enough of Moo Cat’s shit and he’ll physically run her off the scene.  And Moo Cat will spend months cowering in the shadows.  Right now, Moo Cat is feeling very tough because she knows I’ll back her up.  Ha ha.  Cats.


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