Life is like a weird play where everybody improvises their lines



Odd scene on the bus right now. The bus driver — a black guy — suddenly stops the bus. Calls out: “Hey you in the back! I can’t believe you’re drinking beer on my bus! Put that beer away!”

This hulking young white guy is pounding a 24 ounce can of malt liquor in plain view. The bus driver was giving a chance to conceal his beer. But the dude just keeps pounding it, with a belligerent glare on his face.

So the bus driver stops the bus, walks down the aisle and confronts him.

“You gotta’ get off my bus, man.”

“Hey I’m just tryin’ to get to where I’m going, man,” he complains angrily.

“You gotta’ go man.”

After some jawing back and forth the driver escorts him down the aisle. But when the guy gets to the open front door he still won’t leave.

“If I was in Arizona I could do what I want!!” he says, glaring at the driver, fist clenched. For a second it looks like it might come to blows.

“C’mon go.”

“Nigger. Racist.” says the guy.

Finally he stomps off the bus. And the driver starts the bus back up again, and off we go.

“I’ve heard that word so many times it just rolls off my back,” said the bus driver. “How can he call me that and call me a racist?”

And everybody in the bus bursts out laughing.


As I was getting off the bus I said to the bus driver. “That was the line of the day. I liked how you handled that.”

The bus driver laughed. “Thank you boss.” And headed down the road.


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