It’s THE ACE SHOW!! In living color! Whacky! and Heart-warming!!!




I never watched an episode of Roseanne. And i never watched an episode of Cosby.

When I’d catch a glimpse of their act, they both always had one trait that turned me off.

You were always supposed to assume that these two people were so wise and wonderful and lovable and clever and — worst of all — cute.

And even the one or two minor character flaws they had were supposed to make them seem even MORE lovable. “See? These great people are still just human beings just like you and me.”

Sure. Too bad I can’t hire professional scriptwriters to make all the “quips” that dribble out of my mouth especially amusing. Plus a laugh track so that everyone knows that my quips were especially hilarious.

Coming soon. “The Ace Show.” Tune in to the latest whacky misadventures of that lovable homeless alcoholic curmudgeon Ace Backwords!!

Starring Henry Winkler as Ace Backwords!!




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