“Lord of the Rings: a movie review” by Ace Backwords

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This is either one, two, or three of the trilogy.

I’m not a big movie guy. The last movie I saw in a movie theater was in 1996. And the only reason I went to that movie was because I was friends with the guy who the movie was about.

But today I was in this pizza joint eating a slice of pizza. And they had the Lord of the Rings movie playing on the video screen…

So I’m watching it out of the corner of my eye while I’m eating my pizza. And I enjoyed the main character’s face — I think it was Bilbo Baggins the hobbit (its been decades since I read one of the books so my hobbit knowledge was sketchy). But I liked how the actor’s face kept flickering from emotion to emotion every time there was a close-up of his face. It was sort of compelling.

And then they’re all being chased by this fierce supernatural beast with big teeth. Who ALMOST gets them. They JUST barely manage to shut and lock the door before they get eaten alive.

And then there’s an exciting scene where big giant spiders want to eat them alive. Good special effects. And at one point Bilbo (or is it Frodo?) drops the magic ring. So your heart is in your sleeve. Because if Bilbo can’t get the ring back, ALL IS LOST!! (but he manages to get the ring back in the nick of time — hooray!!)

But then this giant evil spider is just about to eat Bilbo the hobbit alive. And all seems lost (it’s very exciting — will he find some way to get himself out of this jam??)

At the same time, you know that the movie is only half over. So of course Bilbo isn’t going to get eaten alive and die in the middle of the movie. So of course he’s going to find some “ingenious” way to defeat the evil spider and prevail. Which he does (go figure).

Maybe that’s why I don’t go to movies. I have a hard time “suspending disbelief.” And I’m always wondering how the film director managed to set up and shoot each scene.

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