October 16, NATIONAL FERAL CAT DAY. Celebrate responsibly.

Image may contain: cat and outdoor

Bizarre weather last night at my campsite. These powerful winds blasting all across the Berkeley hills. The tree branches swaying madly back and forth creating this booming sound. And it went on all night long (by the morning I was covered in leaves and dirt and branches).

And it was this witchy, warm tropical wind. It was so warm I had to take off my jackets, hats and gloves. And I was STILL hot. This balmy, sweaty heat. I tossed and turned all night long feeling slightly crazed from this strange pressure in the air.

Mini Scaredy took it in stride. But Micro Scaredy freaked out. Periodically she’d get spooked by the booming winds and the crashing tree branches, and she’d run down the hill in a panic. Only to find it was just as windy down there. So she’d run back up to my campsite and nestle on my chest, like “SAVE ME!! SAVE ME!!” (And usually she acts like such a tough guy — sheesh)

The next morning the cats were still freaked out. Mini and Micro were eating at the food dish when Moo Cat comes charging up the hill, runs right past the two cats, and then cowered behind me (she had never done anything like THAT before). Then Moo faced off against the other two cats, snarling fiercely (the other two cats just stared at her like “What’s gotten into THAT bitch??”).

Then later Mini and Micro climbed up on a long tree branch and got into a screeching, slashing cat-fight. Weird.

Witchy weather does weird things to the wild critters.

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