Back in the days when I was rad

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One of my Facebook friends just posted the logo to my old column in MaximumRocknRoll. That crucial punk rock fanzine. I think it was from 1989. I had a column for a couple years until the publisher Tim Yohannon fired me for submitting a column that was critical of his politics. Ha ha. Though he “assured” me it had nothing to do with my “politics.” But that I had suddenly become a “bad writer” who “nobody wanted to read.” My prose was no longer up to the literary standards of a magazine mostly written for 17-year-old boys. Ha h

He was a strange fellow. Tim Yohannon. As the “Punk Rock” movement started to unfold in the late 70s early 80s he seemed to have this neurotic impulse to grab the mantel of Punk Rock and claim it as his own. He was one of those guys — Tim Yohannon — who “saw the parade going by and jumped up front and pretended to lead it.”

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