Like a lot of people I spend a certain amount of time assessing the state of my head

Another morning, trying to shake the cobwebs out of my head-bone with strong coffee and the sports page.

Sometimes I wonder what effect the ocean of alcohol that I’ve consumed over the years might be having on my brain and my mental facilities. And I worry that I might not be as sharp as I used to be when I was a young man. And if I WAS starting to get soft in the head, how would I even KNOW? People that ARE soft in the head are usually the LAST to realize that they’re soft in the head because, well,¬†because they’re soft in the head.

So I asked this long-time friend of mine who’s known me for many years if he thought I wasn’t as sharp as I used to be.

He put his palms up in front of him and said: “OOOH no, Ace! I’ve been following your Facebook posts and you’re still sharp as a TACK!!”

Ha ha. . . Of course it could be HE’S soft in the head, so how would he know for sure.

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