A really terrible dream

Image may contain: one or more people and closeup

I had a terrible dream last night.

In the dream the toilet over-flowed and ruined all my clean laundry. I angrily blamed my mother. But she claimed it was my own damn fault . So I’m lying there on the floor amidst my ruined laundry. And I’m naked. And I’m in the house of R. Crumb — one of my idols. I desperately want to impress him. But it’s spinning out the opposite. I’m this pathetic loser lying on the floor. My friend Duncan shows up. I tell him I’m having a “nervous breakdown.” I need help. But Duncan could care less. I’m all alone and pathetic lying naked on the floor. I’m so catatonic I can barely move
I try to explain my situation to R. Crumb. But he dislikes me and just wants me to leave his house ..

I wake up. Lying on my side. Just like in the dream.

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